Tuesday, October 27, 2009

is for Lattice.

I love Lattice!
Whenever this pattern appears, I am instantly smitten. 

I have to do this to my backyard when I have a house one day!  I tore this out of an old J.Crew catalog years ago as inspiration.  I bought the skirt too!  Still love it!

Another great wall of outdoor lattice saved in my files!

This lattice wallpaper looks so perfect in this lovely little room.

Love this lime green lattice duvet!

via CottageLiving
How great is this dining room!  The shutters look great with the lattice!

I love these cards by Jack and Lulu that you can customize with your initials!  The designer, Julie Murphy, is super talented!  If you haven't seen her work, check out Jack and Lulu!  They make wrapping paper in this pattern too that I have been using for years!  Looks great with a black and white 2 inch grosgrain stripe or polka dot ribbon!

I love the yellow cards too!

A beautiful black and white lattice floor!

Here is my own attempt at lattice in my home.  I painted this red and white lattice in my entry way and feel so happy whenever I walk in the door!  Unfortunately, I live in apartment and can only paint the walls, not the door! 

Love these navy lattice shades!

Gorgeous lattice linens by the lovely Leontine Linens!

via Lonny
A beautiful dining room with real wood lattice.

Love these chairs! 


  1. love this look and your entry is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for posting about one of my favorite things.

    I am loving your entry. Mind if I post about it on my blog?

    It is such a fab DIY

  3. The red entry is my favorite of all, and it turns out to be yours! Great job, happy coming in and going out!



  4. That lattice wallpaper is darling!!