Sunday, October 4, 2009

is for Fall.

The weather is getting cooler around here and Fall is in the air! I love the Fall and the way it still feels like the beginning of a new year even though I am no longer in school. Fall fills me with optimism - only good things can happen!Fall makes me want to wear outfits like this and prepare beautiful, comfort food for friends like the images above!

And carry a bag like this!

Or a beautiful leather satchel like this one from J.Crew.

And wear a gorgeous plaid coat like this one!

Or a lovely red wool cape would make me happy!

And I would like to pack a picnic like this!

And put on a big chunky sweater, hop in a canoe and lounge on the lake with this guy!

And throw a gorgeous plaid throw on my bed like this one!
Hello Fall!


  1. Jen, the plaid and picnic look amazing! I love fall too, it has to be my favorites season, altho, I am just getting over going to the green market today, and getting chard instead of peaches. Your photos remind me of Brimfield, the cute new store on Southport which I just stopped into today.

  2. F is for fantastic post too!
    I'm back to your blog! Sorry I missed so many things!

  3. WHERE did you find that plaid bag????? i LOVE it!!!! :-D No seriously. Where did you find it.