Thursday, September 24, 2009

is for Stripes.

I never get tired of Stripes!
I love striped clothes, striped furniture, striped rugs, striped ribbon...stripes look good with everything!
Love this cheerful Kate Spade skirt!

I love red and yellow together!
This sofa has been a favorite for years.

The black and white horizontal stripes look great in this hallway!

via Domino
I love mixing patterns!
This is such a great outfit.
A gorgeous striped armchair!

via MaryRuffle
These striped paper straws would make me very happy!

I love the striped headboard, skirt, bolster, and coverlet all together!

Lauren Hutton always looks incredible.
This dress is so perfect!

via MarthaStewart

These red and white striped sandwich bags made my heart skip a beat! Love them!

This black and white striped sofa is dreamy!

These amazing striped sofas live on a boat!
What a wonderfully disheveled lounge area!

This rolled fondant striped cake is so festive!

This striped bedskirt would look great with so many patterns!

Kate Spade loves stripes too!
I think I need this black and white scarf.

Love this turquoise room!

All of the stripes in this bedroom make me happy!

I would love to cover an armchair in fabric like the one above.

This striped wallpaper is so stunning!

This J.Crew bathroom is wonderfully over the top! Love the Hugo Guiness prints.

Isn't this a gorgeous dinner party in the making?
I love the way the stripes continue on the ceiling in this bathroom!
Such a jewel box!

Another charming horizontal striped Kate Spade skirt!
Have I made a convincing argument for you to love stripes too?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Apple Picking.
Last week we went apple picking in Indiana!
You know Fall is coming when you walk thru an apple orchard. The problem with apple picking is that before you know it you have more apples than you could possibly need! With all of her kids picking Rach had about 75 lbs of apples in the back of her car by the time we drove away! It goes a lot faster than blueberry picking!

Loved this sign!

Looking forward to making apple pie, apple crisp, apple dumplings...

The orchard was beautiful! Full of apples in every color! We loved the Honey Crisp.

Rach and her beautiful kids Eloise, Sol, and Bea! It's not always easy to get these guys to stand still for a picture!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

is for Wicker.

We love Wicker!
I love the way you always find wicker in new and different incarnations and colors! It is such a classic, but it can always seem new and fresh to me. It is also surprising comfortable and comforting. Beware though - I have ripped many items of clothing over the years while lounging on lovely, worn in and worn out pieces of wicker furniture!

Love this wicker version of the Arne Jacobsen Egg chair!
Love the circles on this wicker screen!
The wicker seats in this Fiat Jolly are such a perfect detail!
This has to be the cutest car ever!
I love the color of this blue wicker screen!
It looks great behind the bed.
I saw these lovely wicker chairs on Craigslist.
They would be cute around a white tulip table on a patio in the backyard!

I think the yellow and white cushions are what really make me smitten with them!

A great pair of beat up wicker chairs on a gorgeous black and white checkerboard floor!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

is for Zebra.

We love Zebra prints!
Especially faux zebra in cheerful colors!

I love this red zebra carpet! It's so whimsical!
And this yellow zebra cardigan would make me very happy!
So cute with a red a-line skirt!

via J.Crew
I love this zebra tote! It was a must have from J.Crew that never found it's way to my home before it wasn't available anymore!
via OlyStudio
This zebra chair is so gorgeous!
Super cute zebra wallpaper!

Love the splash of pattern this zebra ottoman brings to this entryway!

via HouseBeautiful
Stripes, zebra, and dogs work well together!
via J.Crew
I'll take the zebra cardigan in black and white too!

via Target
Dwell for Target did a pretty cute version of a zebra rug too!
Unfortunately, this one only comes in brown and white.
via M.A.Belle
This black and white zebra print cushion looks terrific on a red chinese chippendale chair!
Love this wallpaper in Kate Spade's bathroom!
Flying zebras on a kelly green background!
via Domino
More great zebra wallpaper!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

is for Weddings.

We love weddings!

Recently, one of my dearest friends, Jill, got married. The whole evening was beautiful, the food was incredible, and love was in the air! I love weddings and all of the different themes and decorations involved. I especially love when you can feel that the personalities of the couple getting married are in the decorations. I think weddings appeal to my desire to personalize everything with monograms, labels, and tags. It was so fun helping her prepare for the big day picking out a wedding dress, designing the letterpress invitations, and picking out flowers! I have an endless treasure trove of inspiring wedding images. Here are a few to share!

via Martha Stewart Weddings

I love the ruffles on this dress!

Another great dress! So ethereal!

What a great getaway car!

via MarthaStewartWeddings

I love this yellow cardigan over her dress!

via MarthaStewartWeddings

This butterfly bouquet is stunning!

How cute is this striped sash and velvet bowtie! I have a soft spot for black and white striped ribbon and have sewn striped sashes like this on several shirts, dresses, and skirts of my own. Stripes look great with everything!

I love a chocolate wedding cake!

via J.Crew

Who wouldn't love a room full of hydrangeas!

I love this wedding dress with yo-yo's all over!

An iconic image! A wedding at sunset is so romantic!

Such a cheerful bouquet!

via MarthaStewartWeddings

Love it!

via MarthaStewartWeddings

Topiaries always appeal to my senses!

Love this pink ranunculous bouquet!

via MarthaStewartWeddings

Such a cute little place setting!

via MarthaStewartWeddings

These custom made favor bags are so charming!

Love this pink and red cake!