Thursday, September 17, 2009

is for Wicker.

We love Wicker!
I love the way you always find wicker in new and different incarnations and colors! It is such a classic, but it can always seem new and fresh to me. It is also surprising comfortable and comforting. Beware though - I have ripped many items of clothing over the years while lounging on lovely, worn in and worn out pieces of wicker furniture!

Love this wicker version of the Arne Jacobsen Egg chair!
Love the circles on this wicker screen!
The wicker seats in this Fiat Jolly are such a perfect detail!
This has to be the cutest car ever!
I love the color of this blue wicker screen!
It looks great behind the bed.
I saw these lovely wicker chairs on Craigslist.
They would be cute around a white tulip table on a patio in the backyard!

I think the yellow and white cushions are what really make me smitten with them!

A great pair of beat up wicker chairs on a gorgeous black and white checkerboard floor!


  1. I am obsessed with that darling Mini cooper.

    I love how wicker is totally making a comeback For a while, no decorator wanted to touch it and now it is popping up all over.

  2. I need a Fiat Jolly. It beats a VW bug for the cutest car ever.

  3. love it! just painted a wicker chair yellow. the verdict is still out on it.

  4. I love that Fiat Jolly...can I have that one please? Thanks for sharing such great finds. Wicker is just something that I always come back to. Hope you had a good weekend.