Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scout's Wish List.

Or my wish list for Scout!  Sitting by my side - really on top of me - at all times is a sweet little pug named Scout.  She is a trooper, extremely loyal, and the best Christmas present I ever received!  I would love to get her this beautiful bed for Christmas.  Her very own seat!  Unfortunately, I think it would only be used when I am not at home.  Does your dog follow you everywhere you go like mine does?  As much as it drives me crazy sometimes - I would be sad if she didn't follow my every move!  I can only imagine what it would be like to have a dog that could relax on their own.  Scout is 10, but still has the enthusiasm she had when she was a puppy!  (By the way, it takes me about 20 minutes to get her in this sweater - a neccessity when it is super cold outside - but not her cup of tea!  As a result she looks pretty miserable - which is still pretty cute!  She is like a stuffed mushroom in her sweater!)

I love this John Robshaw pattern!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Decorations.

Christmas decorations always make me smile!  Wreaths, amarylis, boxwood, paperwhites, ribbons and bows...so beautiful!

via Real Simple
Simple and beautiful!

via MarthaStewart
I so love these socks strung along the back of the chairs!

A gorgeous bay leaf wreath from Williams-Sonoma.

Such pretty packages!

I love a square boxwood wreath!

I love this wreath made of felt!  I have a soft spot for felt and all of it's possibilities!  There is a tutorial here if you want to make one yourself!

The bells along the staircase in this home are stunning!  I would love to do this someday.

Gumdrop wreaths!  I have made these a few times and it is actually a really fun things to do with kids if they have the patience!

Super cute advent garland made with tiny socks!

So gorgeous and ethereal!

If only I had a fireplace!

Too good - a square boxwood wreath on a red front door!

The yellow drum next to black and white stripes is so great!

I loved these pictures of Aerin Lauder's home (one of them) in House Beautiful.

I love her kitchen and the white hydrangeas!

I love the pink and red ribbon in this Kate Spade Ad.

These wreaths look like a fantastic chandelier!

Amarylis bulbs blooming!  So fantastic!  I love to fill all my pots and vases with amarylis and paperwhite bulbs at Christmas.  It is so satisfying to watch them grow and bloom!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gifts for the Girls.

Time for the girlie gift list! 
Brown paper packages tied up with string - these are a few of my favorite things:

Super luxe Tocca Stella Crema da Sogno!  This is a favorite for sure!  I always carry a bottle of this blood orange lotion with me - and the cream above is even more amazing!  My sister Al gave me a jar of this last year and I love it! 

And if you know someone who loves candles, there is the Tocca Stella candle!

What girl wouldn't love this cute hat from Hable Construction!

This throw by Missoni would be a real treat!  Such great colors!  The only problem is that I think all six colors look better together than apart!

This Pure Grass Soap by The Good Home Co. is a tried and true favorite!  I've never really been a fan of liquid soap because there are so many beautiful bars of soap out there, but this soap smells like fresh cut grass in the best possible way!

How cute is this red pocket calendar from J.Crew!  It comes in other colors, but the red is my favorite! 

I can't wait to try this Sugar Rose tinted lip balm from Fresh!  I am not a big make-up person and the original Sugar Lip Balm is the best.  Maybe this would be a good compromise!

A gorgeous bracelet to be worn with love.  I love the large glass stones on this beauty!

Super cute silhouette tote bags!  Rach bought one of these at a craft fair we were in last month from The Painted Lady.  It is really cute and roomy for a tote bag!  A great gift for a girlfriend!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gifts for the Gourmet.

Gift ideas for the foodie in your life!  I love to cook and I love good packaging too!  I've rounded up some of my favorite food and kitchen related gifts!

Poschiavo spaghetti from South End Formaggio in Boston!

I love the packaging on this pasta so much I wouldn't want to open it up!  Toss one of these in a stocking!

My favorite Olive Oil - made in California by Pasolivo.

I would like to try the Meyer Lemon version.

How about a bunch of striped paper straws!  I love drinking from straws and these actually look like a classic straw.  I would love to set these out with an array of drinks at a party!

Beautiful honey in a beautiful jar!

This tree trunk mug from Anthropologie is just too cute!  I have a soft spot for anything faux bois and I think this could fall into that category!

If you haven't cooked in a Le Creuset pot you are missing out!  I have an oval pot like this and use it for everything!  They work on the stove and in the oven!  Most importantly they are so easy to clean!  I would love a large round one like this beauty!

For the lucky ones who live in the UK - how about a jar of Jamie Oliver's Lemon Curd!  I love Lemon Curd, but truthfully I think it always tastes best when you make it yourself.  I just love the label!  The red lid looks pretty great next to the yellow curd too!

The Rosemary Sea Salt has me intrigued too!

This colorful bird tray from Ikea had me at hello!  The birds are so Charley Harper!  You can never have too many trays around the house - can you?

I am still loving these Ikat bowls from Anthropologie!  They are a great size and shape!

This is one of our favorites!  Trader Joe's Vintage Ale!  Don't let the $4.99 price tag fool you!  If you are a fan of belgian beer, this does not dissapoint!  It is brewed by Unibroue, the same brewery in Quebec that makes Maudite - another excellent brew!  If you like Ommegang or Chimay you will love this!  Rach always makes fun of me because I drink beer super slow (I drink everything super slow) and I'm usually still on my first while she's on her second, but I still love a good beer!  The Vintage Ale is only around for the holidays so stock up and bring a bottle to all of your holiday parties!  Feel free to drop a case under my tree too!

While your at Trader Joe's loading your car with a couple cases of Vintage Ale, pick up a box of Brandy Beans!  I love these too!  When we were kids, our dad used to take a class of students to Europe every summer and bring home all of these chocolate bars from different countries that were filled with various liquers.  I always felt like such a grown-up when he let me try a piece!  These Brandy Beans remind me of that!  The box looks like an homage to the 70's!  If you stop into your local Goodwill there is probably a couple of Brandy glasses on the shelf that you could pair with this box of chocolates!  Another fun hostess gift for $2.99!