Tuesday, July 28, 2009

is for Allegan.

Over the weekend I went to the Allegan Flea Market in Michigan with my sister, Al. I am happy to say that the trip was a success! We left at 4 am for the 3 hour trek. Al drove and I got a lot of knitting done! The market is in a really pretty setting-filled with trees and a really pleasant atmosphere. We had big plans to go blueberry picking and swimming in the Dunes afterwards, but we were exhausted from the trip and spending four hours at the market, so we went to South Haven for lunch and stopped at a fruit stand for our stash of fruit! Blueberry picking will have to wait another week! We both went home very satisfied and ready to go back to look for more treasures!

My favorite find of the day!
This pair of silhouettes will fit in nicely with my growing collection!

We lucked out and found two pairs of gorgeous silhouettes. This pair went home with Al! The woman selling them told us they were from an estate sale and a local teacher made them for all of the kids in her class at the end of the year. What a sweet gesture! I love the positive and negative aspect in this pair.

I really wanted to take this Lansing Ski Club sign home, but it was $65. I guess I have a little of my Grandpa Savage in me because I have a soft spot for quirky hand-painted signs. As I have said in previous posts, my grandpa painted signs for a living. I love the way they look mixed with pictures and photos on the wall.

How great is this vibrant blue set of drums?

Some great old frames turned into chalkboards! I have collected many vintage mirrors like this and love the shape.

I found this sweet little circular mirror buried under a pile of junk. It is so exciting when you find something you love amidst all of the things you aren't interested in!

I found this great little painting of yellow flowers in a lovely blue vase!
Love the colors!
These adorable little red chairs were only $8.
How cute would they be as a sidetable next to a bed!

A gorgeous wicker lounger with a favorite of mine-black and white stripes!
I also found another retractable educational map of the United States to add to my collection, but I'll have to hang it up before I can take a picture!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chaise Lounges.
Everyone needs a chaise lounge in their home - right? Well, I don't have one, but my parents have always had one in their bedroom and as a kid I was always drawn to it. They seem kind of special in some way-calling you to relax and read a book!

This lounger makes me so happy every time I look at it! The stripes are so great and I love the green frame! It is calling my name and suits my personality to a tee! Scout would nap here every day if she could!

For someone who likes a little less stripes and color.

This dog has the right idea!

via Domino

I love painted wicker! The Rubie Green zigzag fabric looks great!

via MarthaStewart

A great mid-century lounger! Along the shelf are jars of sand from all of the beaches the owners have visited. Such a great idea!

An abundance of plaid and a fireplace! Oh how I love plaid!
I love the chaise next to the bathtub! This bathroom just needs a fireplace and a good storyteller to keep you company while you are in the tub!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

is for Sol.

Sol is Rach's son, my nephew. He is getting his own room this summer after sharing his room with his twin sister, Bea, for nine years! While he is away at camp, Rach and I are trying to whip his room into shape! Eloise is finally old enough to share a room with Bea, so Sol is getting his own room. His first comments were, "There's no way I am sleeping in a pink room!" So we knew we had to do something. I love a project, so I suggested we try the map wall mural. Sol and Rach picked out a great green to go with the map-and today Rach and I jumped in and started to hang the map!

Sol in disguise!

Three panels up! Getting the first panel up was the hardest part. The map is made of eight different sections-and they all have to meet up at the right point!

How much paste is too much paste?

At this point we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves!

Rach smoothing out the bumps!

All of the details are incredible! We were saying you could sit in there for hours looking at everything!

We thought it would be cool to make some flag pins for Sol to mark where he has been-that is the next project!

Almost done! Stay tuned for more pictures when the room is done and the furniture is in the room! We also have the three foot "S" we found at the flea market to hang above his bed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

is for Desks.

It's so nice to have a workspace of your own and a desk with all of your favorite things surrounding you. I keep things that inspire me and tools that I use regularly close by - there is never enough room for everything. I have jars and boxes filled with things and an armoire stuffed with ribbon, paper, tools, etc...and there still doesn't seem to be enough space for it all! Here are a few desks that inspire me. Some are neat and simple and some are covered with details I love!
via Domino
I love this red desk!
What a great green chair!

via Domino

Such a gorgeous blue lamp! As I recall, this picture was in the very first Domino. I have always loved the mood in the room.

This office is so charming! I love the small desk with the upholstered chair!

The loving cups on this desk are so great!

I love the symmetry of the two topiaries!

Love this long, narrow, white desk.

The stripes in this room are so great for an office!

This office looks like it belongs to a lovely little cabin in the woods.

via ElleDecor

Love the ikat tapestry on the wall!

A red desk under a sea of pictures!

Love a large chair at a desk!

I absolutely love all of the shutters in this room! I would love to use this vanity and dressing room as an office!

via Domino

Love the white floors and the white lamp fixtures!

Love all of the images and mementos hanging together! I like to hang objects together with images that inspire me!

via Domino

Such gorgeous blue vases!

Oh how I love all of the kelly green in this office!

Another great wall of images and a darling pair of lamps!

via KateSpade

What a great green phone!

The desk in the hallway is so cozy! I like the small enclosed spot!

Inspiration everywhere!

Love the mirror above this desk and all of the boxes and baskets full of curiosities!

Yellow bookshelves!

What a great chair and ottoman!

via MarthaStewart

What's better than a desk full of apples!

Love the floors, the table, the light fixtures, and the bookshelves! What a space!

via Domino
The white desks looks so great with the dark walls!

The pictures on the wall are so clever!

A red typewriter and vintage flashcards-what could be better!

via Blueprint

This oversized letter in a frame is gorgeous!

The light fixture above this desk is so cheerful!

via Domino
I love the chaos and color around this desk!

A quiet little spot.