Sunday, July 12, 2009

is for Gardening.

We love Gardens!
Mid-July is when everything starts to look so lush and all of the vegetables are coming out of the ground in full force. Our mom and dad work on their garden endlessly and the result is really unbelievable every summer! The flowers are beautiful and the fruits, herbs, and vegetables taste amazing! This year my mom painted little signs for each of the vegetables she is growing. Her father, our Grandpa Savage, was an artist and had his own business as a sign painter. He had this amazing workshop behind their house where he painted and silk-screened signs for stores and events, like the circus. It was so much fun to hang out in there! He put labels and signs on everything around the house too! The mailbox, recipe box, bills, photograph boxes, etc... all had these wonderful hand-painted labels on them. My mom's garden signs remind me of our grandpa's signs. They look so cute in the ground as the vegetables grow up and around them!
Radishes and Chard!

So cute!


My mom's Clematis is growing up and over the side of the pergola on the patio. Our whole family built this pergola for our mom's birthday a few years ago. She has been training Wisteria to grow over the top and create a roof of leaves and flowers. This is the first year that the wisteria has grown fully across the whole ceiling of the pergola! It is so fun to watch it grow more and more each year!

Beautiful! Since I live in an aparment, I always enjoy sitting out here and looking out at the garden when I visit. Such a luxury! My dad lights a fire in the evening and we all enjoy the night air and conversation.


  1. I dream of this for my home, maybe next year, sigh.

  2. What a great garden! Those signs are just adorable and that seating area with the pergola draped in wisteria is gorgeous. I would hang out there all the time too if I were you!

  3. Sorry...i forgot your blog and how amazing is!
    now you are on my blog roll so I won't forget you again!