Tuesday, July 28, 2009

is for Allegan.

Over the weekend I went to the Allegan Flea Market in Michigan with my sister, Al. I am happy to say that the trip was a success! We left at 4 am for the 3 hour trek. Al drove and I got a lot of knitting done! The market is in a really pretty setting-filled with trees and a really pleasant atmosphere. We had big plans to go blueberry picking and swimming in the Dunes afterwards, but we were exhausted from the trip and spending four hours at the market, so we went to South Haven for lunch and stopped at a fruit stand for our stash of fruit! Blueberry picking will have to wait another week! We both went home very satisfied and ready to go back to look for more treasures!

My favorite find of the day!
This pair of silhouettes will fit in nicely with my growing collection!

We lucked out and found two pairs of gorgeous silhouettes. This pair went home with Al! The woman selling them told us they were from an estate sale and a local teacher made them for all of the kids in her class at the end of the year. What a sweet gesture! I love the positive and negative aspect in this pair.

I really wanted to take this Lansing Ski Club sign home, but it was $65. I guess I have a little of my Grandpa Savage in me because I have a soft spot for quirky hand-painted signs. As I have said in previous posts, my grandpa painted signs for a living. I love the way they look mixed with pictures and photos on the wall.

How great is this vibrant blue set of drums?

Some great old frames turned into chalkboards! I have collected many vintage mirrors like this and love the shape.

I found this sweet little circular mirror buried under a pile of junk. It is so exciting when you find something you love amidst all of the things you aren't interested in!

I found this great little painting of yellow flowers in a lovely blue vase!
Love the colors!
These adorable little red chairs were only $8.
How cute would they be as a sidetable next to a bed!

A gorgeous wicker lounger with a favorite of mine-black and white stripes!
I also found another retractable educational map of the United States to add to my collection, but I'll have to hang it up before I can take a picture!


  1. This makes me wish I lived nearby! that wicker lounger is gorgeous and the red chairs, the drums, all of it!

  2. That flea market looks like it would be so fun to go and sift through and it also looks like you found some amazing things. I wish we had those kind of things where I live. Hope you are having a good week. By the way, my sister and I are hosting a giveaway on our blog...come over and enter!

  3. What a great, great blog you have! I love the feature letter idea - brilliant and very catchy!

    Oh, your silhouettes are fab, too!

  4. Now that is my kind of shopping!! Love the silhouettes. I need to have some made (or make) of my kids! Thanks for sharing your great finds.

  5. Very cool finds.


  6. such great finds! It is so find to go to the flea market and feel like you hit the jack pot!