Monday, July 20, 2009

is for Desks.

It's so nice to have a workspace of your own and a desk with all of your favorite things surrounding you. I keep things that inspire me and tools that I use regularly close by - there is never enough room for everything. I have jars and boxes filled with things and an armoire stuffed with ribbon, paper, tools, etc...and there still doesn't seem to be enough space for it all! Here are a few desks that inspire me. Some are neat and simple and some are covered with details I love!
via Domino
I love this red desk!
What a great green chair!

via Domino

Such a gorgeous blue lamp! As I recall, this picture was in the very first Domino. I have always loved the mood in the room.

This office is so charming! I love the small desk with the upholstered chair!

The loving cups on this desk are so great!

I love the symmetry of the two topiaries!

Love this long, narrow, white desk.

The stripes in this room are so great for an office!

This office looks like it belongs to a lovely little cabin in the woods.

via ElleDecor

Love the ikat tapestry on the wall!

A red desk under a sea of pictures!

Love a large chair at a desk!

I absolutely love all of the shutters in this room! I would love to use this vanity and dressing room as an office!

via Domino

Love the white floors and the white lamp fixtures!

Love all of the images and mementos hanging together! I like to hang objects together with images that inspire me!

via Domino

Such gorgeous blue vases!

Oh how I love all of the kelly green in this office!

Another great wall of images and a darling pair of lamps!

via KateSpade

What a great green phone!

The desk in the hallway is so cozy! I like the small enclosed spot!

Inspiration everywhere!

Love the mirror above this desk and all of the boxes and baskets full of curiosities!

Yellow bookshelves!

What a great chair and ottoman!

via MarthaStewart

What's better than a desk full of apples!

Love the floors, the table, the light fixtures, and the bookshelves! What a space!

via Domino
The white desks looks so great with the dark walls!

The pictures on the wall are so clever!

A red typewriter and vintage flashcards-what could be better!

via Blueprint

This oversized letter in a frame is gorgeous!

The light fixture above this desk is so cheerful!

via Domino
I love the chaos and color around this desk!

A quiet little spot.


  1. As always...such a wonderful abundanceof goodies you show us! I'm stealing (borrowing!) some for my style files!!

  2. How do you do it? I have a few of these images already saved in my favorites file but most of them I have never seen!! It is so much fun seeing such great images!

  3. These are amazing pictures...I am always looking for new ways to spruce up my desk area and insert a little personality. Thanks for always sharing the most amazing pictures. I agree with bluehydrangea, how do you do it?

  4. I just love a good desk. We currently have two but I would love to one day have one in it's very own space.

  5. Wow, so many fabulous desk pictures!
    I am in heaven!!!