Friday, September 30, 2011


Banquette Seating.

While looking thru the latest Coastal Living this dining room stopped me in my tracks.

I love the the picture wall and the orange striped banquettes.  This would be so cute in a home kitchen and it got me thinking of other banquette seating that I like.

Those black tiles and windows - so gorgeous!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Blue houses and Rainy Days.

I just love this blue house - I'd like to lounge around in the yard and use the building next door as my studio!  Wouldn't that be great!

We've been having some rainy days lately and I kind of like it.  A rainy day always inspires me to be creative and get wrapped up in a project.  Starting with an awesome cup of coffee!

More blues that are inspiring me.

I love a great pet portrait!

Great mix of patterns.

Love the blue stripes and plaid together.


I would've grabbed this cardigan if I made it to the Missoni madhouse - so cute!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Crushing on A Few Things.

Just a few things I'm loving lately.

Rach and I each got one of these awesome headsets for our phones while at the Museum of Contemporary Art the other day. They have about 20 of them hanging from the ceiling so you can just plug your phone in and try it out yourself.  After plugging our phones in and calling each other (like a couple of dorks) we were sold.  I love it!  It makes talking on your cell phone seem much more civilized and is very comfortable.

I love this Stanley & Sons tote with the gigantic pocket out front.  As much as I love color - I still appreciate the well worn patina that brown leather develops as it becomes part of your life.

I'm always crushing on beautiful kitchens and this one just seems so beautifully functional.  I love kitchen counters that are full of personality.  This one doesn't dissapoint!

Speaking of kitchen counters - how cute is this green coffee maker!  I'm not a fan of making coffee in a big drip coffee machine, but this gorgeous coffee pot might make me change my mind!  I think it would look great next to my red Dualit toaster! 

I kind of love the cut of this caftan - a great piece for the fall.

Loving these looks from Margaret Howell - stripes, toggles, and a big full skirt - what's not to love!

  I'm also loving this office hideaway - the caned chairs and the blue fiberglass chairs together are pretty charming!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Last Days of Summer.

After a summer full of super hot days around here the weather is finally cooling off.  I love this last bit of summer when the evenings are cooler and you can really enjoy sitting outside in the moonlight.

I love going for walks and seeing the warm glow inside all of the houses.
Play some ping pong with the doors open.
It's a good time to spend the night with your best friends on a trampoline!
Hang out on a dock and just listen to the water. 
Sit by the fire and make some s'mores.
Hang out in a teepee and read a book!  What a cool hiding place!
It's finally cooling off enough to have the oven on - so it's a good time to bake with all of those peaches and nectarines!