Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wellington Boots.
With Fall around the corner I am thinking of Wellington boots and how cute they look with everything! I love their clunkiness and charm! Especially with a skirt or a dress! I prefer the more traditional, beat up ones than the kind with prints, but they are all pretty cute! I love the way they bring a bit of a story into an outfit, or a room. They look so intriguing sitting in an entryway, making you wonder what kind of life they lead when they are out of the house.

How cute is this picture? The hat, the striped boatneck shirt, the floral skirt-topped off with a row full of beautiful boots! I love them all!

Love the boots on the gorgeous green suitcases!

Super cute red Hunter boots!

Love these yellow doors!

Two of my favorites - Wellington boots and Hable Construction bags!

This looks like the most incredible cabin!

This pantry looks so amazing!
via Vogue

Love the different sizes of boots all lined up together in the mudroom!

Remember Blueprint? This was a great first issue!

Looks like they just came in from the garden!

Okay, so these are riding boots, but I love this picture!

I love wellingtons with dresses and skirts! Add a flower pin to that-even better!

I love landing spots like this at the front door!

Love the red stripes in the entryway! I painted my entryway a red and white lattice pattern and I love walking in the door everyday!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

is for Magazines.

The past week has been a big one-full of highs and lows. Magazines can be so inspiring. They are full of pictures and stories to capture the imagination. They remind me of hanging out at my parent's house. Whenever my sisters and I go home, we sit around the fireplace in the kitchen and flip through magazines and talk to our mom and dad. First, we catch up on all of the new ones and then we start looking at the old ones that we have read countless times. Of course we get them all mixed up and my parents say they have no idea where the new issues are! My mom has tons of shelter magazines and food magazines stacked up around the house. There is always something different that catches your eye when you look at the old issues. This image reminds me of those moments. Coffee, magazines, and family.
My mom is always saying she is going to go thru the magazines and get rid of the old ones-or worse, stop subscribing completely, but where is the fun in that? Long live our family tradition of magazines, conversation, and loved ones!

Monday, August 17, 2009

is for Blueberries.

Last week we went blueberry picking in Michigan! Yum! The blueberries were so good! Can't get enough of all of the fresh fruit in the summer! I came home and made a blueberry pie! My brother-in-law, Paul, thinks my sisters and I are obsessed with making pie because we talk about baking different kinds of pie all summer. I think he is probably right and you probably agree! Try it-you will love it too!
My nieces, Bea and Eloise, just getting started! Those buckets were full pretty quickly! They were troopers! Hopefully they will carry on the family tradition and love making pie one day too!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

is for Libraries.

I would love to have a library like Nigella Lawson's!
So wonderfully disheveled and lived in!
I love looking at the different ways people display books in their houses...in beautiful, built-in bookshelves, or small, little makeshift libraries on tables or floors.
I love bookshelves with pictures on the outside like the one below.

Aren't these ceramic books great!

via ZGallerie
A wonderful grouping of books!
A great little library in the stairwell.
Love this yellow and black honeycomb library!
I could definently enjoy dining in this library!

via ElleDecor
I love this long bench with books and pictures!
This has been my screensaver for years and I never get tired of looking at all of the wonderful titles.

Love the ladder in the library!

I never get tired of this image with the books around the fireplace-such an adorable cottage!
What a great use of books as a bedside table!

Another great library full of pictures and souvenirs!
This library tells it's own story!

via Domino

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jump In!
Today was super hot outside!
August has appeared in the Midwest!
How great would it be to have this pool-and this view-out your back door!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

is for the Dunes.

We just got back from spending time in the Dunes -the Indiana Dunes. We grew up in the Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan, spending lots of time at the beach! I think I will always love that beach above all others because I have so many fond memories of our childhood there! Swimming, walking on the beach, bonfires at night, collecting rocks along the shore - I love it there!
Rach actually met her husband at the beach when she was in middle school! His family has a weekend house there and they met when he was visiting from Chicago. That is where their story began and now they have three beautiful kids - Bea, Sol, and Eloise!

Rach and Scout

My beautiful niece, Bea!

Sol teaching Harley to swim!

Eloise makes a smiley face!

The view of the dunes and the beach! Even though I live by Lake Michigan in Evanston, coming to the Dunes in Indiana is so different-so serene and peaceful!

Rach's in-laws have this great gazebo attached to their house-a nice spot to have meals and still see and hear the beach - without the bugs!

The view of the lake and the trees! As kids we ran around in the woods and the dunes everyday for fun!

Rach and Harley

The stairs to the lake! I miss it already!