Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wellington Boots.
With Fall around the corner I am thinking of Wellington boots and how cute they look with everything! I love their clunkiness and charm! Especially with a skirt or a dress! I prefer the more traditional, beat up ones than the kind with prints, but they are all pretty cute! I love the way they bring a bit of a story into an outfit, or a room. They look so intriguing sitting in an entryway, making you wonder what kind of life they lead when they are out of the house.

How cute is this picture? The hat, the striped boatneck shirt, the floral skirt-topped off with a row full of beautiful boots! I love them all!

Love the boots on the gorgeous green suitcases!

Super cute red Hunter boots!

Love these yellow doors!

Two of my favorites - Wellington boots and Hable Construction bags!

This looks like the most incredible cabin!

This pantry looks so amazing!
via Vogue

Love the different sizes of boots all lined up together in the mudroom!

Remember Blueprint? This was a great first issue!

Looks like they just came in from the garden!

Okay, so these are riding boots, but I love this picture!

I love wellingtons with dresses and skirts! Add a flower pin to that-even better!

I love landing spots like this at the front door!

Love the red stripes in the entryway! I painted my entryway a red and white lattice pattern and I love walking in the door everyday!


  1. I remember Blueprint! It's demise left a hole in my heart that nothing else has been able to repair. : (

  2. fall is coming!!!!! hooray! unfortunately it's not until around decemeber around here that wellied are required. booooo south!!!!!!

  3. love this post! I have a pair of orange boots with white polka dots...I have had them forever and they make me so happy!!!

  4. I love wellies so much...I have a few pairs from Jcrew that I got for 10 dollars a piece...but really want a pair of real Hunter boots. Thanks so much for sharing these amazin photos...it is getting me excited for fall.

  5. Oh I adore wellies! The kids used to all wear them when we lived in the country...every day. We called them mudpuddle boots!

    Now, Its hard not to trip over english riding boots at our house!

  6. I just adore my yellow jcrew ones. although I would love a pair of hunters.

  7. Such a cute post, these are on my list for sure

  8. I have a pair of Wellies and I just love them. I bought them before traveling to London last year and I wore them everyday during my trip.

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