Sunday, September 6, 2009

is for Caning.

We love caned furniture!
The pattern draws me in and I love the way it looks when it is painted too. My sister, Al, has been on a streak lately finding caned furniture for her home. She has gorgeous caned chairs around her dining room table, then we found a cute pair of caned bedside tables for her bedroom at a flea market, then she scored a gorgeous caned chair and ottoman at a yard sale, the list goes on...I think there are a few more pieces in her home. Awesome caned furniture just finds her!
Well, Al's latest find is this headboard. She found it by the dumpster of an auction house in her neighborhood! She has graciously offered it to me and I think it could be pretty cute if I repair the hole and paint it a glossy black or a watery turquoise blue!
The shape reminds me of a little pagoda and the headboard itself is incredibly solid and substantial. Looks like a good project!

via OatHome
I love this caned chaise painted a glossy black! How cute would the headboard be painted like this?

I adore these yellow chairs! They are so bright and cheerful!

I love this caned bed!

My sisters, Rach and Al, both have this bed and it looks great in person. They sell it at Bedside Manor, Ltd. where, as I have mentioned before, Al is the buyer. Check it out-they sell the most gorgeous linens and beds! I have had this picture in my files forever, ignore the wrinkled image and hole punches in the picture!
I love this french caned bed! Looks great with the blue wall!

Another stunning caned bed!

This is such a charming drop off spot for a home. I love to see the chaos of images on the wall next to the beautiful flowers and caned seating.

This cake with a caning pattern is just so lovely!
A caned rug! I love all of the colors and patterns in this room!

Such cute Jonathan Adler linens!

These are the same chairs Al has in her dining room. They look great in this kitchen too!

Such a charming dinner party!

Love the zebra seat!
Such a sweet table with perfect little cushions on the chairs.

What a cute pink chair! I've always wanted to go to this store, Layla, in Brooklyn. They have all of these beautiful linens in wonderful colors and patterns. I keep hoping for an online store!

via Domino

I have a soft spot for paper cones filled with anything! How cute are they with caning wrapped around them!

Love the pink and white stripes on these chairs!

Another caned beauty with a monogram!


  1. Me too! And this is such a great roundup of such pretty pieces. I have a tiny antique caned vanity chair and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

  2. I love, love, love caning. I have a chair in my room right now that I painted white and recovered the seat with linen. I am so jealous of the headboard that you scored! I would love this in my room....Thanks for such a fun post, with amazing pictures. Hope you are having a good week.

  3. Thankyou for visiting my blog and for your comment, made me discover your lovely blog. Off to read what I have been missing:)

  4. These pictures are all amazing...I am going back to look again. and again!! that cake is so perfect it almost looks fake!!