Thursday, September 24, 2009

is for Stripes.

I never get tired of Stripes!
I love striped clothes, striped furniture, striped rugs, striped ribbon...stripes look good with everything!
Love this cheerful Kate Spade skirt!

I love red and yellow together!
This sofa has been a favorite for years.

The black and white horizontal stripes look great in this hallway!

via Domino
I love mixing patterns!
This is such a great outfit.
A gorgeous striped armchair!

via MaryRuffle
These striped paper straws would make me very happy!

I love the striped headboard, skirt, bolster, and coverlet all together!

Lauren Hutton always looks incredible.
This dress is so perfect!

via MarthaStewart

These red and white striped sandwich bags made my heart skip a beat! Love them!

This black and white striped sofa is dreamy!

These amazing striped sofas live on a boat!
What a wonderfully disheveled lounge area!

This rolled fondant striped cake is so festive!

This striped bedskirt would look great with so many patterns!

Kate Spade loves stripes too!
I think I need this black and white scarf.

Love this turquoise room!

All of the stripes in this bedroom make me happy!

I would love to cover an armchair in fabric like the one above.

This striped wallpaper is so stunning!

This J.Crew bathroom is wonderfully over the top! Love the Hugo Guiness prints.

Isn't this a gorgeous dinner party in the making?
I love the way the stripes continue on the ceiling in this bathroom!
Such a jewel box!

Another charming horizontal striped Kate Spade skirt!
Have I made a convincing argument for you to love stripes too?


  1. so simple, yet so striking and powerful. all hail the stripe.

  2. me too! me too! I love stripes and the picture with the brown stripes, blue lamp, bedroom..
    that's my favorite!!

  3. My faves are the red striped couch and that yellow bathroom - gorgeous!

  4. Fabulous examples of glorious'em!!

    Terrific blog :D

  5. Hi,
    I just found your blog and this post. I completely get the "stripes" adoration. Have you ever checked out the website They have ana candles which you would love!
    Thanks for the inspiration.