Wednesday, September 16, 2009

is for Zebra.

We love Zebra prints!
Especially faux zebra in cheerful colors!

I love this red zebra carpet! It's so whimsical!
And this yellow zebra cardigan would make me very happy!
So cute with a red a-line skirt!

via J.Crew
I love this zebra tote! It was a must have from J.Crew that never found it's way to my home before it wasn't available anymore!
via OlyStudio
This zebra chair is so gorgeous!
Super cute zebra wallpaper!

Love the splash of pattern this zebra ottoman brings to this entryway!

via HouseBeautiful
Stripes, zebra, and dogs work well together!
via J.Crew
I'll take the zebra cardigan in black and white too!

via Target
Dwell for Target did a pretty cute version of a zebra rug too!
Unfortunately, this one only comes in brown and white.
via M.A.Belle
This black and white zebra print cushion looks terrific on a red chinese chippendale chair!
Love this wallpaper in Kate Spade's bathroom!
Flying zebras on a kelly green background!
via Domino
More great zebra wallpaper!


  1. Me too!! Me too!! I love zebra! I think a little touch of zebra in a room makes it more fun!

  2. love the ottoman. so beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I have been trying to decide what colors to use with zebra print and I love the yellow and red!