Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Apple Picking.
Last week we went apple picking in Indiana!
You know Fall is coming when you walk thru an apple orchard. The problem with apple picking is that before you know it you have more apples than you could possibly need! With all of her kids picking Rach had about 75 lbs of apples in the back of her car by the time we drove away! It goes a lot faster than blueberry picking!

Loved this sign!

Looking forward to making apple pie, apple crisp, apple dumplings...

The orchard was beautiful! Full of apples in every color! We loved the Honey Crisp.

Rach and her beautiful kids Eloise, Sol, and Bea! It's not always easy to get these guys to stand still for a picture!

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  1. What a fun family outing, I'd love to go apple picking sometime, I'm sure we have U-Pick orchards here in Washington.