Thursday, October 1, 2009

is for Flea Market.

We spent another weekend up in Allegan, Michigan for their last flea market of the season! It was a nice, cool day to be walking around looking at antiques outside. I love flea markets in the Fall! Allegan is especially pleasant as it is located next to a lake and full of trees.

Animals seemed to be the theme for me this time! I found these super cute pots shaped like a turtle and a scottie dog on a dollar table! The picnic basket was spotted right as we were leaving and I was smitten!

Loved these metal chairs but they were $850!
Those aren't flea market prices!

I am crazy about blue and white china right now.

I love a good cup and saucer!

How cute is my Scottie Dog with marigolds from my mom's garden?
I've been collecting white, animal shaped pots over the years and love this one!
My sister, Al, said this pin was so me, so I had to buy it!
It's always nice when someone sees something and knows you well enough to be sure it suits your personality!

This turtle pot is so Jonathan Adler!

This red plaid grouping made me very happy! I love plaid and I love when vendors create vignettes like this - it is the Stylist in me! I wanted to buy it all just to see it live happily together like this!
These red waterskis drew my attention! If only I had a cabin in the woods to have these hanging around just because they look good!

This hand-stitched throw was buried in a pile of linens!

I found a footed pedestal to add to my collection! Can't get enough vases and pots with a foot like this!

This red hand-knit cape was gorgeous!
Inspired me to try a closure like this on my next sweater or cape!
Great color too!

Finally, a pile of Hudson Bay Point blankets! Love these! They are at every flea market, yet they always have their own characteristics.

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  1. love, love, love seeing what others pick up at flea markets. You did good!