Thursday, October 1, 2009

is for Dishes.

We love dishes!
I can't get enough of them and I'm loving all of these gorgeous cabinets and shelves full of dishes and glasses! I have dishes coming out of the woodwork at my house - in the kitchen and in armoires and cabinets in the dining and living room! It's kind of a problem because I keep finding more that I love! Rach keeps Kosher in her house, so she has a better reason to have so many dishes - dishes for meat, dishes for dairy, dishes for's great! I think we have inherited the addiction from our mom - she has a great eye for dishes and vases!
Love this built in cabinet and the striped goblets!

Gorgeous blue dishes and hotel silver!

What a great pantry! The baskets and the ladder make me love it even more!

Red shelves!

Beautiful glasses and decanters!

Quite a collection!

Love this blue and white collection!

This blue opaline and milk glass collection looks amazing in a black cabinet.

This gray cabinet with dishes of every shape and size looks great with the ebony floors!

I would love to have built in shelves like this in my dining room. There is a fire place on the other side of the table-too good!

Martha Stewart's collection of white dishes-stunning all together like this.