Monday, October 5, 2009

is for Sewing.

Lately I have been sewing a lot. I wish I was better at it. My mom can sew anything - from prom dresses to slipcovers! I guess that is why I was slow to pick it up - she could always do a better job! But I have persevered! I have always been impatient with following patterns - and cutting out patterns. As a result, I tend to just guess how pieces should fit together. I have been smocking everything lately. Elastic thread is the best! Rach bought this Orla Kiely tablecloth from Target and asked me to make her a smocked shirt and skirt.

Love the pears!

Here is the skirt. I added a chocolate brown trim to the top and bottom. Hi Scout!

The smocked shirt - with grosgrain straps!

Not as complicated as a prom dress, but I love it! Now I wish I bought one of these tablecloths too - I love the pattern!

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  1. Why am I just now seeing this post? Love it!! What a fabulous idea to use that tablecloth to make a skirt and shirt!! You are so much better then me on a sewing machine...I'm impressed!!