Thursday, August 13, 2009

is for Libraries.

I would love to have a library like Nigella Lawson's!
So wonderfully disheveled and lived in!
I love looking at the different ways people display books in their beautiful, built-in bookshelves, or small, little makeshift libraries on tables or floors.
I love bookshelves with pictures on the outside like the one below.

Aren't these ceramic books great!

via ZGallerie
A wonderful grouping of books!
A great little library in the stairwell.
Love this yellow and black honeycomb library!
I could definently enjoy dining in this library!

via ElleDecor
I love this long bench with books and pictures!
This has been my screensaver for years and I never get tired of looking at all of the wonderful titles.

Love the ladder in the library!

I never get tired of this image with the books around the fireplace-such an adorable cottage!
What a great use of books as a bedside table!

Another great library full of pictures and souvenirs!
This library tells it's own story!

via Domino


  1. I love the organized chaos in the second image with the cute little boy climbing over the sofa. There is something so luxurious about libraries.

  2. Piles of books make a house feel homely too, I'd love a library/study room one day... my books seem to live permenantly in boxes in my mum's attic...

  3. I love these pictures....and oh how I love books. Hope you had a good weekend. Oh and by the way my sister and I are hosting a giveaway on our blog until Thursday...come on over and enter for a chance to win!

  4. "L" is for I LOVE YOUR BLOG! : )

    I linked to you here:

    I hope you'll stop by for a visit...


  5. I must admit, Nigella's library makes me feel a bit closed in! I love, love, love the rest of them!!