Thursday, July 9, 2009

is for Nautical.

We love all things nautical!
Growing up on the water had such an impact on me. Water has such a calming effect. I am always drawn to images and events that take place near the water. Lakes, oceans, rivers...they all are so comforting. A great escape! I absolutely love old nautical flags, boats, and anchors-they are built to survive all kinds of weather and look better as time goes by!
via WideOpenSpaces
Love these wooden boats at the dock! Reminds me of the boat Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn had in On Golden Pond, one of my favorite movies!

Such a stunning photograph!
Love this cake with the nautical flags!

A beachside bar with beautiful flags.

What cute place cards these little handmade sailboats would make!
via Tim Walker

Love this boat in the library!
Wouldn't it be great to have a wedding band in here for a reception! My friend Jill is getting married at a charming little yacht club-I think they need a boat like this in the library where the band is playing!

These rowboats look so lovely floating in the water.

I absolutely love these sailboat cupcake toppers! So cute for a party!

So peaceful and serene! This looks like a wonderful weekend retreat!

I love these bags-they are made by a Maine company called Seabags! They recycle old sails and turn them into these beautiful totes!

Relaxing with friends on the sea!

via J.Crew

I love this picture with the tree!

Such a cute idea for seating assignments at a wedding!

via Domino

Looks like a charming cabin by the lake!

via Domino

A canoe and a motorboat!

via CountryLiving

via Domino

A lovely nautical themed bar!

Matchbooks for every flag!
via MaryRuffle
via MarthaStewart

Love these models of boats!

Still loving the boat on the radiator!

via Flickr

What a great way to depart your wedding!


  1. What a great slew of everything nautical! Love the wedding boat!

  2. I love the pictures that you featured here...they are all so inspired by a nautical theme but aren't too over the top. I especially love the totes and the picture from the Jcrew magazine.

  3. Great images! The cake is really cool...

  4. i've a soft spot for midwestern girls. so i had to kirtsy your sofa post. well done, you two!

    xoxo karey m.

  5. What an amazing slew of inspiring, beautiful images. That swordfish pic is a long-time favorite of mine. You have a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful pictures. What great inspiration for summer gatherings.


  7. The second photo, the black and white, of the boat with the light really made me remember how when I used to work with photographers, we would swoon when we got a really beautiful shot. This was before digital, when that perfect moment, light, gesture, idea just really happened, and it was just an amazing feeling.