Tuesday, July 14, 2009

is for Maps.

We love Maps!
They are so beautiful-old and new! There is something about maps and globes that is so enchanting. They allow you to dream and make plans in your head. I love all the details and colors! I love to give globes to newlyweds because they seem to symbolize all of the places they will go together in life. Very romantic!
I have a large retractable map of the world like this one above my bed and I love it!
There is another one of Africa in my living room. I love these old educational maps and look for them at every flea market.

Such a great idea to put the map in the window panes of the door!

I love this bench with the two framed maps above it!

What a great workroom!

via Flickr

Globes and a map! I have been collecting little globe banks like this for years. I love them when they are a bit beaten up by time.

Rach just got a map like this one to wallpaper the walls in her son's bedroom. I can't wait to get started and see the finished project!

Love the blinds!

Gorgeous dresses made of maps by Elizabeth LeCourt.

A map and a silhouette in one room - two of my favorite things!

Love the framed maps up the stairs!

via Flickr
A lovely yellow armoire lined with maps!
via Flickr


  1. Thanks for the map inspiration today. So many different looks with the same theme.
    Years ago, a friend of mine in DC wallpapered her son's bathroom with National Geographic maps... it was fabulous.

  2. These are such fun ideas....I too love old vintage maps but have never found any around where I live. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great week.

  3. I just adore maps! I have one hanging in my sons room.

  4. I love 'em too! And ,perhaps, have a few too many.

  5. Love the maps, especially the ones that show a lot of the oceans. Great collection of images!

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