Sunday, December 6, 2009

is for Snow.

Where is the snow?
Christmas and snow go hand in hand in my mind.  I love the snow and can't wait for our first big snowfall!  The snow is always so envigorating and lifts my spirits!  When we were growing up in the woods by the Dunes we always had snowdays and got to stay home and sled down our driveway and build forts out of snow.  I find that I am the most inspired when there is snow outside - and my best photographs have always been outside in the snow.  I love the way the moon bounces off of the snow at night and makes the streets absolutely luminous!

So serene!

Sledding down our old driveway with my sisters!  This is the same driveway all of our friends would get stuck in while trying to drive to the top!  No one had 4-wheel drive back in the day and our long, winding driveway was a beast!  And that yellow and blue coat I am wearing was my coat of choice for years!  The pockets are shaped like yellow pears!

I would love to go for a ride in the snow like this!

Candlelight and snow!

Love these Wilson Bentley images of snowflakes!  Aren't they beautiful?  If you would like to see more of Wilson Bentley's work check them out at the Smithsonian Institute!

Have you seen snow yet in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Hi! I'm a frequent reader of your blog--always love going through the great images you have on hand. I also happen to work at the Smithsonian Photography Initiative, where we have a large collection of Wilson A. Bentley snowflake photos. I don't know where you picked up yours, but if you got them from the Smithsonian, it would be great if you could credit them/link to them behind the photos above, and if you didn't get them from the Smithsonian, stop on over and see the rest of our collection HERE!