Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I love a good handbag!
Normally I always choose or knit a colorful bag - but this cute hobo from J.Crew has me under it's spell.

A classic brown leather bag that can go over your shoulder and look better with time.  I could put this into the rotation!  I never like to use the same handbag day after day.  Handbags are one of my favorite accessories!

This flight bag from Wm. J. Mills & Co. is the best!  I have one in red and now I have my eye on the yellow one!  You can fit everything in there!

I just discovered these adorable monogram bags from La Plates!  I love the monogram on the pocket!

Which leads me to these beauties!   I love these monogram bags from iomoiYou can customize them the same way you can customize their stationery and gorgeous paperweights! I love the green and blue stripes!

Or the two squirrels holding an acorn is pretty great!  There are so many choices it is hard to decide!  They would make a great gift!


  1. Such adorable bags. I'd buy the last one just for the pure love of squirrels. I am most definitely ready for a new bag. Happy December to you both ~

  2. Thanks for your La Plates love again - your the best! Happy holidays and I hope you get all the gifts on your list, cheers - LA