Monday, November 2, 2009

is for
Front Doors.
We love a good front door!
One day, when I have my own home, I will paint the front door a bright, cheerful color!

This home has the whole package!  Gorgeous tangerine door with a white picket fence!

Such a lovely yellow door.

Ok, I know this door is black, but I still want to walk inside!  Such a charming entry!

via NYTimes
A perfect red entrance with matching window box in New York City.

This front door stands out on this charming cobblestone street!

I love the large house number on this yellow door and the pair of boxwood balls on each side.

Isn't this home so charming!

A red door and a red fence!  The ivy is just gravy!

Remember the green door on the cover of the first issue of Blueprint?  Loved it!

I'll never tire of this entrance.

Last, but not least, I'll add one of these!  I have a soft spot for these large sea scallop door knockers!
What color is your front door?  Or, if you are like me, what color is the front door of your future dream house?


  1. i rent so my door is of the puky yellowish wood variety. shame too, bc it is a pretty door. just needs to be green, or yellow or red or...

  2. I have been thinking about this for a while now. I have a boring beige color and my soul is screaming for....RED. But, it won't look good with my brick....BOO!!! Maybe black????

  3. Our front door is mostly glass, framed in black painted wood. I'd love an orange front door, but that may be the season talking. : )


  4. The first image is just so fine. Love the color combo. Love the yellow front door too, with the big letters.
    Right now, my front door is dark wood on a Spanish revival house.
    In the past I have had houses where more snazzy colors worked.
    I have always wanted to paint a subtle plaid front door on a house. I missed my chance when we owned a bungalow. How about a Black watch plaid on a gray house? With boxwoods out front? How about a paisley front door? I need, I want, I got to have.
    Marybeth from Dallas

  5. I can't decide which I like best! Maybe the yellow one but I like grey, too. I like how the doors give a little warning to guests, that this is no ordinary house! Makes you want to go inside.

  6. An ugly front door is seriously a dealbreaker for me and a house. It has to be painted!