Thursday, May 27, 2010


Let me introduce you to Rach's new pug Olive.

We had to say goodbye to her pug, Harley, after 14 years.  She was a great pal and the dog that made me crazy about Pugs and want a pug of my own.  Before I had Scout, I would always ask Rach if I could take Harley home with me!

I think Olive has the same playful energy that Scout has!  She is still so tiny, yet very feisty!

Definently a bit of a rascal!

Eloise and Olive in the morning - what a pair!  Eloise loves her pugs and could happily spend all of her time just letting them lick her face and hair!  When she is not playing with Olive, she is looking at cute pictures of pugs online and in books!  I am so happy that Eloise, Bea, and Sol have a new dog to love and take care of!  Welcome to the family Olive!

Stay tuned...there may be another dog joining the family soon!