Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Affogato al Cafe.

Drowned in coffee.
Isn't this a gorgeous dessert!
All you need is a stovetop espresso maker - such a beautiful design.  Mine makes a great Americano!

And some really good ice cream - if only there was a Graeter's in the area! 

I would love to make this gorgeous dessert in a kitchen like this.

Using a stove like this.

And serve it to my friends on a beautiful patio like this one!

The perfect summer dessert!


  1. what a cute post! I want an old fashion stove, I think they add so much character to a kitchen..

    PS. I added your lovely blog to my sidebar-I would love love love for you to add mine to yours too :)

  2. Why oh why did you have to post a photo of that particular stove. I want it SO SO SO bad!

  3. i looove affogato, and often make it for dessert. the last time i did though the bottle of frangelico just dissappeared into thin air shortly afterwards : )