Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Great Alley Find.

Last week I found another great score in my own alley!  A blue and white ginger jar with my name all over it - just sitting next to the garbage cans waiting for someone to bring it home!

My mom has had a pair just like this for years and I have always loved them - even though she says she is pretty sure she got them at Pier One about 25 years ago!  Some treasures just remind you of home!

I love the way it looks full of the flowers I brought back this weekend from my parent's yard!


  1. so cute! I'm glad you saved it from the junkyard!

  2. love love love!! I am planing on putting these all over my house (when Its finished) Happy weekend-Ciao!

  3. Lucky you! I can't believe someone would just throw that out. Have a great weekend and stop by if you can for my new giveaway. (It's a really good one.) :)