Monday, May 11, 2009

is for Raspberry.

We love Raspberries!

via Bellocchio

LOVE this raspberry box. It is so over the top. How great would this look on your desk full of paperclips or thumbtacks? The next time I am in San Francisco visiting my friend Annie, one of my favorite people in the world, I am definently spending a large chunk of time at Bell'occhio. They have all kinds of amazing objects, ribbons, and boxes shaped like fruit and animals! Beautiful!

via HelloLucky

A yellow raspberry!

Our parents grow yellow and red raspberries along the fence in their back yard and they taste great right off of the bush!


  1. At my house we have our own raspberry patch...that is until this summer since we had to tear it out. I loved picking raspberries in the summer. Every year my mom makes fresh raspberry jam. Yum...

  2. That's a box? So clever, it looks like a stuffed, plush raspberry!

  3. the raspberries look so yummy!