Wednesday, May 20, 2009

is for Flea Markets.

We love flea markets!
Over the weekend we went to our first flea market of the year. We all went up to Wisconsin to visit our parents and go to the Elkhorn Flea Market, one of our favorites. Our sister Gretchen was even in town from Tacoma to join in on the festivities! We have been crazy about antiques our whole lives, due to our mother's penchant for stopping at yard sales and church rummage sales. She is the best at finding the needle in the haystack at any sale! It is so exciting getting up early in the morning and heading off to a sale. Everyone has different things they are looking for, but most of the time you end up falling for something you were not even looking for! I wish I could go to the yard sale Meryl Streep's character had in Out of Africa. That sale looked amazing!

Rach found a great Hudson Bay blanket coat at this booth. A classic with red, yellow, blue, and green stripes. Very cute! My mom found a birdhouse like this one at a yard sale a few years ago. This one was in good shape, but priced too high.

I think my niece, Eloise, had the best find of the day! She used her $5 wisely and took a very cute Snoopy home! What a sweetpea!

I received the same Snoopy for Christmas many years ago!
Maybe that is why I was so excited about her purchase.


  1. I love finding vintage scores....where I am from there isn't many flea markets so whenever I can find something that I love in a forgotten shop it is that much more exciting. Your neice really is so cute and so is that Snoopy. Hope you had a fun time with your family.

  2. I love the yellow teapots. And the Snoopy! How great!