Thursday, May 14, 2009

is for Breakfast.

These breakfast tables are so inviting. What's better than a bowl of coffee and tartines?

I absolutely love a long, leisurely breakfast with friends. Along with a really good cup of coffee!
Relaxing outside on a sofa!

Under a bird cage!
This table reminds me of the long farm table in the Big Chill.
Everyone waking up at different times in the morning and serving themselves breakfast!

What great windows!
Love the white floor!
A lovely table for two!


  1. I love, love, love that tufted sofa sitting next to the table. I also love all of the farm like tables that stretch the length of the kitchen. Kitchens definitely are a place where family and friends gather often...why not have a place that you want to always escape to?

  2. I love that second photo but then I love the yellow and navy too. Oh, and the white rooms. Decorating my future house is going to be too tough.