Friday, April 17, 2009

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We love flowers.
Spring is here and it makes me want to have flowers everywhere.
Rach's husband is allergic to flowers so she is always trying to sneak them into the house under the radar. Often they end up on the back porch. Small or big, a bouquet of flowers cheers up every room.

I adore peonies.

And poppies.


And anemones.

And zinnias in old silver containers!

A bunch of blue hydrangeas!

Ranunculous are so delicate and wonderful!
The colors look so great mixed together.
via Domino

Sunflowers by the dozens!
This is my favorite from the farmer's market. You can buy a few bunches reasonably and make a huge statement.

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I love the way this all looks like it could come from your backyard.
My mom has the most amazing garden in the summer, full of flowers and vegetables!

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  1. I love, love, love, flowers. I would love to have them in my room all spring and summer long. They just add something to a room that nothing else can. I would love to see your mom's garden in the summmer...sounds wonderful. Have a good weekend. Mine will be spent studying for my finals but after this week I will be free to enjoy the sunshine!