Wednesday, April 15, 2009

is for Fireplaces.

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We love fireplaces.

When we were growing up there was always a fire in the fireplace . When I was a kid and couldn't sleep I would sometimes sit at the top of the staircase and watch my dad sit by the fireplace in the dark, listening to jazz. I loved the way he seemed so content to sit by the fire. I love my dad. I also love the sounds and smell of a real fireplace. The crackling and the familiar smell of burning wood. I think this is one of my favorite kitchens. The fireplace is huge and the ebony floors look great with the white cabinets and table.

A fireplace in the living room is great, but what a luxury to have a roaring fire while soaking in the bathtub.

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Or in the kitchen.
I love the subway tiles on this fireplace.

There is so much you can do with a mantel.

How about a fireplace in the bathroom next to your closet.

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Dinner with friends by the fire!

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I love brick painted white!

A fireplace in the bedroom!


  1. Oh...I love fireplaces too. I love all the pictures that you show that feature fireplaces. Hopefully someday when I have my own home I can have fireplaces in every room! They are so warm and cozy in the winter and I love to snuggle up to them with a good book and hot chocolate. Thanks again for sharing.