Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Round Tables.

I've always been drawn to long farm tables, but sometimes it is nice to sit at a round table and keep everyone in the same conversation.

What about you all?  What kind of dining table do you prefer?  Round, square, oval, long?  I love my long farm table because it seats a lot of people and is so useful for projects - maybe one day I will have a house where I can have both!


  1. I have a round kitchen table but I have always wanted a round dining room table too!

  2. fantaaaaaaaaastic round up!! i have a round table and now i want everything to look like picture number 19...

  3. I just did a post about my round kitchen table. Lovely photos! Great job.

  4. I have rectangle tables. Must say, that after looking at your wonderful collection of round tables, I have a hankering to switch it up.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    mb from Dallas