Friday, September 3, 2010

The Last Days of Summer.

September is here and fall is around the corner (which I love)...but it is still SUPER HOT around here!  So my ode to fall will have to wait.  I am going to try to enjoy the last days of summer while they are still here and relish the warm summer nights and the last swims of the season.  I made a list of some of my favorite aspects of summer - a season I would love even more if it didn't get quite so hot around here!

I will try to enjoy as many meals as possible OUTSIDE with all of the gorgeous flowers around me!

Love these golden corn on the cob salt and pepper shakers - perfect for a summer dinner party!

And these colorful suzani plates too!

Fresh flowers everyday are a summer luxury.

This gorgeous house just looks like summer to me - but oh so perfect in the winter, fall, and spring too!

Love this lamp!

This sailboat wallpaper is adorable - would be perfect in my dream house on Cape Cod!

I would love to learn how to surf one day!

And get around in one of these fabulous classic rides - why can't new cars have this kind of charm?

I still seem to be obsessed with all things nautical and don't see that ending anytime soon.  Love this wreath made of shells!

Super cute anchor key chain for your summer ride.

I need this whale platter in my life!

If I had a sailboat of my own I think I would want one with red and white stripes like this beauty!  I love walking Scout along the lake and watching all of the sailboats out on the water.

I think I will always love striped shirts and dresses!

And tennis and badminton always remind me of summer!  Love these stamps by Yellow Owl Workshop.

My red flight bag from Wm. J. Mills is the perfect bag for the season!

Last but not least - SWIMMING!  I love swimming in the lake and will try to enjoy the water as long as I can this year!  When it is hot outside - the colder the water the better!

What will you all miss the most about summer?


  1. OH what a wonderful list. I would love that striped sail too!
    One of my favorite thing about summer is the warm evening walks around the neighborhood.

  2. I'm hanging on to summer also! That first image is gorgeous...exactly where I want to dine!

  3. so summery..i am ready to say goodbye to it i think.

  4. What a totally great send off to summer. Great post, and I think the thing I will the most about summer is the long days. However I am totally ready for fall.