Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to School.

It's that time of year when the air becomes a little crisper and the fall season is ahead of us.  Although I am no longer in school, I still feel like this time of year is the beginning of the year.  I am an academic at heart and no other landscape brings me as much joy as an ivy-covered campus in the fall.

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Stacks of books, libraries, cars loaded with all of your possessions, plaid blankets, loafers - my preppy roots are still guiding what I inspires me and my aesthetic!

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I've always loved this car!

Such a perfect work area!

Rach and I used to get a new pair of loafers every year for school.  Penny for her.

Tassels for me!

Rach went to school at Indiana University in Bloomington.

So, of course, when it came time for me to choose I went to IU too!  Such a beautiful campus - this is the dorm we lived in - a wonderful place to call home!

Indiana University is where they filmed Breaking Away - if you haven't seen it - it's a classic - and features many of my favorite old spots in Bloomington.  Rach even rode in the Little 500 while she was a student there - an annual bike race featured in the movie.

I have to get this book - I know I would love it!

I love this bike bag -the perfect back to school accessory!

Always a classic.

via J.Crew

Super cute fall outfit!

Maybe this is a sign that it is time for me to pack up and head back to school?  Being a student is the ultimate luxury in life!


  1. LOVE that bike bag! Great post sweetie!

  2. Its like you know me. You speak from my heart. If I had any reason to dress like that as an adult I so would. And I have had my eye on a 1986 Wagoneer with wood siding for ages!

  3. I feel like we are long lost twins - I've had these thoughts a thousand times over, as if the teenage boarding school student in me never left. I love your blog! xx,jane

  4. Great post, its my first visit, stop over and visit.. yvonne
    better yet become a follower