Friday, October 1, 2010

Reading and Sewing.

All I want to do lately is read and sew.

Which explains my absence - my apologies!  I tend to bury myself in whatever activity I jump into.

Wishing I had my very own cabin by the lake to escape to like this one!

With a lovely nook like this to lounge about with a good cup of coffee and a book.  Sometimes you just have to escape the real world for a little while - if only to find new inspiration for the moment you decide to jump back in to your life.


  1. I know what you are saying. I haven't posted or looked at blogs for a bit as I threw myself into other things. Love that cabin too.

  2. other than blogging, reading and sewing are my favorite things to do this fall! I just wish I could find some good fabrics to make skirts. Everything at the fabric store is so boring! I love your blog!!!