Thursday, October 21, 2010

Found Furniture.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately - computer woes!  While I was without my computer for a while I found these fabulous swivel chairs at the end of someone's driveway!  My mom and I pulled over and loaded up the wagon with these two dirt covered beauties while driving home from the pumpkin patch.  After hosing them down we discovered a pair of super cute swivel chairs!

I think they will be as good as new with a paint job and a new cushion!

I love a project!

Last but not least, our original mission - pumpkins for one dollar - my mom knows where to find the deals!


  1. Your finds always amaze me!!! These chairs are fabulous!! And Free? Lucky girl!!

  2. Lucky, lucky you! Amen for found furniture!

  3. wowo. awesome find!
    Dollar pumpkins!? I didn't think that was possible!

  4. what a great find! i would love to see how you transform them...