Thursday, August 19, 2010

Latest Flea Market Adventures.

On our latest flea market adventure we were caught in a massive rainstorm after the first 30 minutes!  It was a bummer because we got there early and saw some good stuff right off the bat!  Once the rain started everyone covered up their stuff and we ventured into the barns.  But the barns are like a stampede during a rainstorm and the vendors tend to be much more expensive, so we left and will try again another day!

I loved this set of painted table and chairs - $85 for 8 chairs and a table!  I think it would look great outside on a patio!

Gorgeous caned chairs!

Who doesn't love a peanut swing - at least that is what I always call these!  I'm sure they have a proper name!

I loved this basket built onto a cart!  It would make an adorable bassinet - or maybe it is a bassinet that would make an adorable basket for storage.  Either way - I was intrigued and trying to think of a place where I could use it!

Now I am really itching to get to the next big market - the season is almost over!


  1. please tell me you bought those GORGEOUS caned chairs!!!!! ugh. dying.

  2. I love the chairs!! And that table. PERFECT! What a great deal. What flea market were you at?