Friday, November 12, 2010


We never tire of yellow!  A pop of yellow looks good with just about any color.  It always makes me happy!

I love the vibrant yellow on these pots and pans!

Lemon curd is a favorite and the perfect shade of yellow!

I pretty much love anything that is lacquered in bright colors and yellow, red, and green together is absolute harmony in my mind.

Rach has been wanting to wallpaper her dining room with this gorgeous yellow paper - a lot of work - but I think it will be beautiful!

I have a chandelier just like this in white - but maybe I should paint it yellow!

I want to pin this flower to a tomato red cashmere cardigan!

The perfect coat gets even better in yellow!

My favorite Wm J. Mills Flight bag in yellow!

Gorgeous Linda & Harriett letterpressed thank you card!


  1. It seems like yellow's the it color right now! thanks for the posts

  2. I have a yellow kitchen and I never tire of it...such a bright, happy color!!

  3. beautiful! I love yellow -- now more than ever.

  4. Hi Rachel and Jennifer-
    I just found your blog yesterday and I wanted to tell you that I'm loving it already! :)