Thursday, February 25, 2010

Striped Shades.

I am thinking about making some striped roman shades like these.

I have a trio of windows with a radiatior below, which means shades are the only option.  I think the kelly green walls in that room would look great with the black and white stripes.

I like these red and white striped shades too!

These roller shades are painted!

via Domino

The green and white shades look great next to the brown wall!

I love the red and white striped curtain in this bathroom!

Another dreamy interior by Mara Kalman!

These long, flowing curtains are pretty great too - but I don't think they will work with a radiator in the way.

Have any of you made your own roman shades?  If you have, was it easy?  A pain in the neck?  I may have to get my mom to help me with this project.


  1. love all those stripes!!! your signature.

  2. Stripes are fun! They add a nautical/preppy look to any room-love the striped shower curtain :)

  3. I love roman shades too, but they are a PAIN to sew. My mother made three single pairs for me years ago and I assisted in the construction of them. Hardest part is the keeping rings on the back straight when sewn on. Otherwise they won't hang properly and will be lopsided when pulled up and lowered. There must be an easier sewing solution for doing them. I love the idea of painting on stripes - very classy look. Love the blog.

  4. LOVE the red-and-white striped shower curtain! Enjoying your blog!

  5. i love maria kalman as well- great photo you included.
    2 things; ikea has black and white striped fabric for pennies! and the little green notebook has a roman shade tutorial from mini blinds if you are looking for a non-expensive route. Hope that helps

  6. Cute blog! I love stripes :) I just updated my blog with a stripey background :)

  7. I just stumbled upon this blog. So cute. I absolutely love those striped Roman shades. I really want them but I don't sew. Any idea where I can purchase them ?