Friday, February 19, 2010

Spun Sugar.

I am fixated on this lovely dessert with Spun Sugar!

I love the way Spun Sugar looks so delicate and ethereal!

It looks as easy as drying homemade pasta on a rack, but something tells me it is not that easy!

Our sister, Al, had a massive Croquembouche with Spun Sugar as her wedding cake (with chocolate mousse and baguettes on the side) and it was amazing!  Made by her sister-in-law who is an amazing pastry chef - leave it to the pros to make the Spun Sugar!  I am normally not afraid to cook or bake anything, but something tells me that I would have sticky sugar all over my kitchen if I tried this at home.


  1. Ohh, yes, spun sugar looks so airy and dreamy!!
    This post made me smile because it reminded me of a funny Desperate Housewives episode about crquembouche and spun sugar :) Looks like a very tricky dessert to make, indeed! I'll leave it to the pros, too :)