Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yellow Trousers.

I so love the yellow trousers in these pictures from the Sartorialist.  This is exactly the kind of outfit I would choose to wear myself - only adding a big red handbag! 

Only halfway thru the day I usually start to realize that everyone around me thinks my choice of colors or patterns is a bit over the top!

I embrace the boldness of colors in clothes, interiors, flowers, art...even food! 

I think this lovely red bag would look great with the yellow, black and white ensemble!
How about you?  Do you like to wear colors and patterns or are you more into neutrals?

Speaking of pattern - I am loving these pink ikat pants from Jules Reid that I spied over at Elements of Style!

Why don't the fabric stores stock fabric like this?!!!


  1. Hi there, so glad I found you!I like you, adore bold strong colour, orange is a favourite as is yellow and black!I'm a Style Consultant from the UK with a passion for print!I must start following you so I don't miss a thing and do hope you will pop over to My Passport to Style for a visit! Sharon (uk) xx

  2. omg! i just bought a pair of mustard cord from the gap -- they were only $30 which makes them even more fun.

    have a great weekend ladies! p.s. i gave you a shout out today on!!

  3. I LOVE that yellow!!
    It makes everything brighter and happier. Over the top, who cares! :) You'll definitely bring a smile to whoever you walk by!!
    Thank you so much for sharing - these pictures made me smile!

  4. Love love that red bag. And if you can pull off pink ikat pants then I bow down to you my friend.

  5. I love the yellow outfit. You can find great fabrics like that by shopping at independent fabric stores.
    Petergaye S. Kisielewicz

  6. Where did you find that red bag?!? Love it - and the blog. tIO x

  7. Isn't that red bag great! I believe it is made by Chloe - I tore the picture out of Vogue a few years back!