Monday, January 4, 2010

 Cross-Country Skiing.

One of our favorite things to do when it snows is cross-country skiing!  We always went in the Dunes when we were kids and it was so much fun!  Now, whenever it snows, it is fun to grab your ski's and get out there!  Sometimes we head out on the golf course on Lake Michigan, but it is more fun to go on a trail in the woods!

I love these old South Shore Line prints!  Rach and I both have this one in our homes.

Over the holidays we went up to the Kettle Moraine nordic trails in Wisconsin and enjoyed the fresh snowfall!

The trees look so amazing covered in snow and the trails are so peaceful!  In late January there is a candlelight ski that is gorgeous!  The trails are lined with luminaries!

Eloise is so fearless - whenever she fell down she just hopped back up on her skis and raced to catch up with the rest of the gang!  As the youngest of four girls I can totally relate to the "Hey guys-wait for me!" sentiment!

Here's Rach and her family on the same trail last year!  Such a cute family!  If you love snow - then you'll love cross-country skiing!


  1. i've been wanting to try cross country skiing for a while now. i heard it's exhausting? how long to you suggest a beginner go out for? i don't want to bite off more than i can chew.

    p.s. i love that first illustration of the woman skiing - she looks so empowered.

  2. Great post and almost makes me want to see some snow!

  3. I love the sport!! Happy New Year!! xx

  4. My first visit to your blog. Very cute!


  5. there is nothing like being in the fresh mountain air.... aaahhhh your family looks so fun... that is what life is all about. x pam