Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boston Cream Pie.

Last week I had a dinner party for my sister Al's birthday.  Happy Birthday Al!  I made Winter Vegetagle Curry and a Fiery Pineapple Chutney - a tried and true recipe from the Fields of Greens cookbook - made many times while I was in college for a house full of friends.  I love cooking for people and sitting around the dinner table for hours talking and laughing.  For dessert, I thought it was time to try something I haven't baked before!

The Boston Cream Pie!  I took this Martha Stewart recipe for Boston Cream Pie cupcakes and doubled the recipe to make two large round cakes to layer.  I quadrupled the vanilla cream part so it would be full of goodness and to be sure the pudding would be falling out the sides!  It was a success!  I meant to take a picture - but before I knew it the cake was being sliced and eaten by all!  Who has time for pictures when there is cake to be served!  What's your favorite cake to bake?  I always like to try something new, and add to my list of favorites!


  1. My favorite cake recipe is Decadent Chocolate Cake from Silver Palate. But when I don't have time for that, an angel food cake made from a mix with real whip cream, lemon curd, and berries is a close second.

  2. brilliant! I'm going to try this recipe out next time we have people over for dinner.