Friday, February 10, 2012

A Few Things I'm Crushing On.

Downton Abbey
I can't get enough of this show and I love the opening credits with the Grantham family dog wagging his tail on his way home!  I can't get enough of this show!

I've always had a soft spot for the Beastie Boys (MCA is my fave!) and Kate Spade always gets it right with a bit of whimsy.  I love their ode to the Beastie Boys with this No Sleep Till Brooklyn sweater.  Rach had this on the other day with a pair of bright green pants - so cute!  Wearing it with jeans doesn't really make sense to me - it's needs a pop of color!

This Kelly Green Backpack caught my eye!

An equestrian bottle opener would be a great addition to any bar.

Super cozy Chevron Blanket

A perfect key to save all of your files!

After burning the bottom of my favorite Le Creuset pot I've got this caribbean blue beauty on my wish list!


  1. I love all your always seek out the best. Now wait a minute on that Le Creuset...I don't think you can really ruin one. When I worked at Williams Sonoma, I remember them telling customers that had that very same problem to soak it with Bar Keepers Friend and really hot water, maybe a few times and it will come clean.

  2. GREAT choices. We are crazy about Downton Abbey, too...It's on tonight! Love that blanket and we have quite a few Le Creuset pots (ha! well, three).

  3. Okay, I have to know where you found that amazing chevron throw?!!!!! I have been looking everywhere for one!

    take a peek at my place


  4. love the creuset caribbean blue
    did you buy it yet?