Monday, December 19, 2011

My Paper Straw Wreath.

I was super excited to make a wreath out of my paper straws after I saw the cover of Woman's Day Magazine at the market.  Foolishly I thought I could figure out how to make one of my own without buying the magazine or looking online for the instructions!  I ended up making a wreath about twice the size that I intended - but I love it anyways!

I ended up using about 600 straws - I realized when I was halfway thru that I should have started with a smaller wreath form!  Oh well!


  1. It's gorgeous! That's a lot of straws, but the size is perfect for the mirror. I love the whole look...beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  2. P is for pantastic job. Oh my goodness. What a fabulous effort.
    I hope you enjoy it for many seasons to come.

    merry merry.
    mb from big D.