Friday, June 18, 2010

Really Good Bathrooms.

Who doesn't love a really great bathroom!
I love all of the colors in this room and I am crazy about the greek key towels!

I adore the horizontal stripes in this bathroom!  Very clever.

The portraits above the tub are a great addition.

More great pictures above the tub!


Love the wallpaper!

I love this large cabinet for all of your linens!

So cute - I love all of the windows!

Red and white striped shower curtain - need I say more!

Love it!

I always love this wallpaper whenever I see it.

As far as I am concerned, every bathtub should have a fireplace next to it!

Love this red bathtub!

And this red chinese chippendale chair is a happy addition to this bathroom!

Beautiful blue tile!

This gorgeous bathroom looks like it's own little house.


  1. So much good stuff to look at!! I am loving that over-sized pink wallpaper..and I'm not even a pink person!

  2. I love the 9th image! Those windows are awesome! I too think every bath tub should have its own fireplace! L is for "love this post" Really great stuff!

  3. Great round up. LOve that last door. Gorgeous.

  4. omg! i love number 3 but number 13 might have to be the best bathtime ever...i mean really with the skylights and bathing under the stars are just to be able to look up in the sky? so relaxing.

  5. Love the pink wallpaper and red tub photos!

  6. makes my builders bath seem so ho hum.