Wednesday, June 24, 2009

is for Wallpaper.

We love Wallpaper!
Rach has been talking about wallpapering a few rooms in her house and we have been discussing which wallpaper to choose for months now! Our mom used to wallpaper everything when we were kids and helping was the messiest job ever! I was always amazed that, after getting wallpaper paste all over and watching the paper slide off the wall multiple times, somehow my mom managed to make it all look perfect! Hanging wallpaper is supposed to be a lot easier now, but I am dubious. Rach is thinking of starting with a yellow chinoiserie pattern in her dining room. She has a long farm table with galvanized steel Tolix chairs and a red chinese wedding cabinet in there. I think a yellow pattern will look amazing in there, I am just not sure of my wallpaper hanging capabilities!

I love this chinoiserie paper with the blue sidetable!

Not sure I love this wallpaper, but the whole room works.

Love this big print with the mirror!

So pretty with the shutters!

I know that this Imperial Trellis wallpaper is popular, but I absolutely love it in this entryway!

Love the chair, love the elephant, love the yellow!
I love wallpaper in small rooms because it is like a small jewel box!

Love this vignette with the mirror and the stacks of magazines and books!

I love the way printed wallpaper looks with other prints! I love mixing prints and patterns!

What a gorgeous office!

Toile has a place in my history of favorites, while I am a little tired of it now, I'm sure it will come back to me. This looks like a sweet guest bedroom for your cottage in the Cotswalds! A little over the top with the headboard blending into the walls!

Love the colors!

I absolutely love this whale wallpaper! One day I will use this to paper a bathroom or nursery! I have a soft spot for anything with whales!

Another great mix of patterns and textures for an over the top office!

I LOVE this flower on the wall! I don't think it is wallpaper, but it achieve a similar effect!

Love it! This is like a cross between blue willow china and ink blots!
So gorgeous!
These lavender flowers are so romantic and lovingly worn!

What a cute idea for a closet! This would make all of your clothes, handbags, and shoes so appealing!

Love these big pink flowers!

Love this orange chinoiserie with the graphic Roberta Roller Rabbit cushions!

Love the tongue and cheek aspect of this library wallpaper!

This is such a sweet vignette and I adore the box pleating on this sofa!

What a cute group of animals!

Lattice patterns are a weakness of mine! I painted a red lattice pattern in my entryway and it makes me so happy! This lattice wallpaper would be much easier!

Another amazing chinoiserie!

I love pink and orange together! What a sweet pair of twin beds with pagoda-like headboards!


  1. just found your it!! You have so many of the same pictures that are in my favorites file!

  2. I love the whale wallpaper! Do you know where you found it?

  3. Do you know who makes the wallpaper which looks like a wall of books? I would love to have the manufacturer name and a number.

  4. where is the yellow tree framed in wallpaper from?

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