Monday, June 15, 2009

is for Home.

I would be happy to call any of the houses in these images home. There are so many great houses out there! Just about anywhere I go I could find a house (or tons of houses) that I would love to live in. They are not all one specific style, but they all have something that says home to me. Truly, I know that home is what you make it and the loved ones you invite to be a part of it. Big or small, a house can be designed beautifully, but it needs the character and personality of the family that lives inside to truly make it shine.

Love the shutter doors!

What a lush front yard!

This home is so darling! Love the white picket fence!

I absolutely love foliage growing on the exterior of houses! My mom had ivy growing on the outside of our childhood home for years, then one day my grandpa started to pull it down in an attempt to save the house from deterioration. My mom went running out of the house telling him to stop and that she was letting the ivy grow up the house on purpose. My grandpa thought she was nuts, but he stopped pulling and let the ivy grow. Ivy covered buildings are my weakness and they are probably the main reason I loved college and all things academic, they remind me of the anything is possible feeling that permeates the environment in academia and learning something new!
I love the entrance along the side of the house!

I definentlyhave a weakness for shutters!

Love the yellow shutters and the bikes outside make it look like a lived in and loved in home!

What a charming entrance!

So beautiful!

Love the trees along the front walk!

Such a romantic little dream house!

So Jane Austen!

A perfect home to open up in the summer and let the breeze come in!

Love this house from The Family Stone!

What a great place to visit with friends under the stars!
What an entrance! I love the topiaries!

I love the light fixtures under the archway! There are lots of these in Evanston with beautiful lanterns hanging under the covered drive! They just say welcome home to me.


  1. I love the third picture lovely. I always love coming home after a long day away. It is so welcoming and cozy. Thanks for sharing such great pictures.

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  3. Love your images. We remodeled an 86 year-old cabin and 150 year-old barn this year. You might enjoy the photos: God bless.